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Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth

Naruhodo Ryuichi x Mitsurugi Reiji

Big Gay Lawyers
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Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth
❧ Welcome!
Welcome to narumitsu, the friendly livejournal community dedicated to all things regarding a romantic relationship between Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. Fic, art, icons, music, commentaries and questions are all welcome here, so feel free to post and join in the celebration of our two favourite sexy lawyers. :D

You can check the memories for archived works. I intend to categorise all entries under these headings - art, fic, other graphics (icons etc), discussion.

This community is a sister community to kyodoroki, the place for Apollo and Klavier, the new generation big gay lawyers.

❧ Rules
There are a few house guidelines so that we can all have a great time here...

- Please only post material relating to Phoenix and Miles. You are more than welcome to post something relating to just one of these characters. Fanworks featuring other characters are welcome, but Phoenix and/or Miles, and their relationship, romantic or otherwise, must be the main focus.

- Three-way relationships (love triangles, threesomes) are totally welcome

- Please be kind to fellow users.

- If you are sharing a fanwork that you have not made, please make an effort to link back to the original source. Likewise, if you have made icons or skins featuring someone else's fanart, please link to the original source as much as possible.

- Please make an effort to warn other users if you post spoilers for any of the games.

- Please put very large images behind an lj-cut.

- Please put material rated M15+ and above behind an lj-cut.

Most of all, have fun! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email your friendly mod sarahofcroydon- sarah_jane_smith (at) yahoo.com.

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