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More Otapyon Doujinshi!

I'm back with more Otapyon doujinshi! =D I can't believe how many there are! So much smutty goodness! ^_^

Same warnings apply as last time: realistic, graphic smut.

Hope you all enjoy as much as I did! ^^

Nocte Maneque
Pairing: Phoenix/Miles
Summary: Edgeworth is suffering from stress, so he goes to see the one person who can make everything better. Only Otapyon can make sweet, domestic sex so damn kinky and hot!

Deep Level

Summary: Basically uke!Edgeworth with different hot semes.

Wasn't sure whether to post this earlier, since this has different characters paired up with Edgeworth in each chapter. I still enjoyed the smut very much though!
Deep Level 1 - Phoenix/Miles Typical courtroom sex!
Deep Level 2 - Matt Engarde/Miles
Deep Level 3 - Godot/Miles
Deep Level 4 - Matt Engarde/Miles

EDIT: Wow, I just keep finding more Otapyon goodness! ^^ Here is one more, and this is actually rated PG!!

Because I...
Pairing: Phoenix/Miles
Tags: doujinshi
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